Shades of brown hair 2020

If you are thinking of getting hair colored, brown will surely come to your mind. Brown is the color that suits all skin tones giving you a very classy look. We usually refer to all of the brunette hair colors as brown, but the brown color for hair ranges from light honey to deep mahogany. Here is a list of browns you can select from and rejuvenate your looks.

Auburn brown

These are in the fashion of small amounts of dark red lurks on the end of natural sable hair. They suit best on lighter skin tones.

Cinnamon brown

It is in the form of a small tinges of copper color in your hair looking great on almost all the skin tones.

Mahogany Brown

Mahogany will give hints of brown-red to your hair. The shade looks great on neutrally Caucasian skin tones as it will make the skin look more bright.

Cola Brown

Cola gives a finish just as the color of cola when shining in the light. In the dark, it provides a dark brown shade to hair.

Chocolate Cherry Brown

This unique color is a purplish-brown shade that looks very still stylish on hair.

Honey Brown

The honey brown will make your hair look denser and wavy.

Bronze Brown

You will love the bronze-brown color as this one is very subtle and attractive. Bronze looks great on anyone who doesn't have a pale skin tone.

Burgundy brown

The hair experts and pros will know that this is different from cola brown shade. There's a tinge of purple in very bright lights. This color may suit most of the skin tones.

Chestnut Brown

Chestnut looks very attractive on long hairs and commonly serves as a highlighter.

Nude Brown

It is darker than the blonde color yet lighter than brown. Layman can mistaken this with the golden brown hue.